I came home to this today.  Apparently there was a huge need for a snack.  (I think they are rebelling against their diet food.)  I go to clean up all of the noodles and the girls have the nerve to actually eat the noodles in front of me!  They are brave, I will give them that.

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Tonight was our Annual Meeting for the credit union that I work for.  It is most definitely my last one, but it was a great one to go out on.  We are celebrating our 50th anniversary, so it was quite a big celebration.  (I must admit that I am glad this is over!)  Technically I took this picture.  I finally got to use my remote control.

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It must be spring.  Today I had to bust out the sprinkler and water the grass today!  I love this time of year, but I HATE my water bill!

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Roxanne catching her breath after playing fetch.

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This dog acts like I starve her to death.  She “patiently” waits for her bowl to be filled as soon as I get home each night from work.  I think she wanted to show off her new fluffy bed.  I find her laying in her kennel often these days.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  My evening was spent a little unconventionally.  One of the local adoption agencies that we are looking at was having a fund-raising concert with Mark Schultz.  He is a Christian artist and one of my favorites.  He is an adopted child and huge supporter of Bethany Christian Services.  The concert was great.  I was there alone, but SO glad that I went!  (This is my view from my seat.)

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It was Abbie’s turn for the vet visit today.  She has been moving on three legs these days.  She had TPLO (aka knee replacement surgery) two years ago and now is not wanting to walk on that leg.  I was holding my breath knowing that she would need another surgery.  I am happy to report that she just has arthritis and no surgery is needed.  (She was not on her best behavior at the vet’s office and this is the best picture I could get.)

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